Chris Appelhans


Tadahiro Uesugi


Visit his website at:

Paul Felix - Beautiful Color & image


Wonderfully diverse artist known for his Visual Development work at Disney Studios. Subtle and strong drawings and painting from "Lilo", "Emperor", and "Brother Bear", etc...

Hans Bachers - Animation Treasures


Dont be fooled by the title. Its ALL about that thing called "ART". A vast universe of information, artists and images

Jon Klassen!

Here's a sample of his amazing work:

All about composition and shape dynamics here guys!

If you like that, visit his blog and website!

1000 frames of Hitchcock!


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Bill Perkins


Bill Perkins' Website:

Nucleus Gallery Event: Character & Creature Sculpture Seminar w/ Jordu Schell


Nucleus Gallery: August 22 2010
$55/ ticket

For Jordu Schell's website:

Nathan Fowkes: A Master of Compostion and Color


If you would like to see more visit his informational blog:

Welcome To Dream Worlds!

The skills of drawing and color are critically important and yet they don't find their full expression until they're teamed with a strong composition. If you're going to make a great picture you have to have a great composition.
-Nathan Fowkes