Hans Bacher Color Studies



Hey Friends,
These are Hans Bacher color studies from his blogsite: http://one1more2time3.wordpress.com/

Nice little article on the Color Therory behind Ridley Scotts movie Black Hawk Down. Very clear and crisp breakdown of the Director of Photography's breakdown of how color influences the eye and emotions. Good color script of the film at the end


Color Therory - Simple Color Concepts


http://www.poynterextra.org/cp/colorproject/color.html Great little site for understanding simple to complex concepts and relations in color and the various usages of saturation, hue and contrasts, etc....

Chris Appelhans



Tadahiro Uesugi


Visit his website at: http://tadahirouesugi.com/

Paul Felix - Beautiful Color & image


Wonderfully diverse artist known for his Visual Development work at Disney Studios. Subtle and strong drawings and painting from "Lilo", "Emperor", and "Brother Bear", etc...

Hans Bachers - Animation Treasures


Dont be fooled by the title. Its ALL about that thing called "ART". A vast universe of information, artists and images